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Reminder: Goods contaminated with soil are refused entry at the border

April 19, 2016

As soil is a major carrier of invasive species and plant and animal diseases, vehicles, equipment and other goods arriving at the Canadian border that are contaminated with soil are not admissible into Canada. The Canada Border Services Agency began strict enforcement of this policy in 2011.

Non-compliant goods are refused entry and ordered removed from Canada at the first point of arrival under the authority of the Plant Protection Act and the Health of Animals Act.

Some exceptions for cleaning the contamination at the first point of arrival may be granted, under rigorous conditions.

Whether the goods are returned or cleaned in Canada, all additional costs will be at the expense of the importer.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency, which is in charge of the national policies in this matter, gives a few examples of goods that could be contaminated:

• vehicles
• containers
• equipment
• logs/lumber
• blocks of stone
• machinery
• tools
• military equipment and vehicles


- Protecting Canada from invasive species

- Directive D- 95-26: Phytosanitary requirements for soil and soil-related matter, and for items contaminated with soil and soil-related matter

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