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Government consults on measures to strengthen Canada's trade remedy system

May 4, 2016

The Government is seeking stakeholder views regarding potential amendments to the Special Import Measures Act (SIMA). The Act provides recourse to Canadian producers injured by dumped or subsidized imports.

Under this system, Canadian producers can request the initiation of an investigation against specific countries whose exporters are alleged to be selling dumped or subsidized goods into the Canadian market.

Where an investigation shows that dumping or subsidization has occurred and resulted in injury or threat of injury to domestic producers or retardation of the establishment of an industry in Canada, anti-dumping or countervailing duties can be applied.

Since Canadian trade remedy laws were last reviewed in 1996, significant changes have occurred in the global economy, changes which may not be reflected in Canadian practice.

Consequently, the Department of Finance Canada is seeking the views of stakeholders to determine whether a focused set of potential changes to SIMA would help ensure that the trade remedy system continues to provide adequate remedies to domestic producers and to operate in a transparent and accessible manner.

For additional information see the notice published in the Canada Gazette: Invitation to submit views on the Special Import Measures Act

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