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CBSA issues guidance for certificates of origin in electronic format

May 12, 2016

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) publishes a memorandum which outlines and explains the certification requirements respecting the exportation of commercial goods under a free trade agreement to which Canada is a Party.

The Agency recently issued a revision to the memorandum to specify the current policy regarding the validity of certificates of origin in electronic format.

The new memorandum mentions acceptable formats and gives additional information for these formats.

The CBSA says the decision rests importers to determine whether they are willing to accept an official document provided by the exporter in an electronic format and/or featuring an electronic representation of a cursive signature, rather than an original document and/or signature.

Link: Memorandum D11-4-14 Certification of Origin Under Free Trade Agreements (See paragraphs 5 to 8)

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