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Canadian Transportation Agency launches regulatory review

June 15th, 2016

The Canadian Transportation Agency announced a full review of all the regulations it administers. To advance this initiative, the Agency will actively engage a broad range of stakeholders, including the transportation industry, shippers, consumers and disability rights organizations. All interested Canadians will have an opportunity to provide feedback.

The Canadian Transportation Agency is an independent administrative body of the Government of Canada. It performs two key functions within the federal transportation system:

  • As a quasi-judicial tribunal, the Agency, informally and through formal adjudication, resolves a range of commercial and consumer transportation-related disputes, including accessibility issues for persons with disabilities. It operates like a court when adjudicating disputes.

  • As a regulator, the Agency makes determinations and issues authorities, licences and permits to transportation carriers under federal jurisdiction.

The review will ensure that the industry's obligations are clear, predictable, and relevant to a range of existing and emerging business practices.

It will also ensure that the demands associated with compliance are only as high as necessary to achieve the regulations' purposes and it will facilitate the efficient and effective identification and correction of instances of non-compliance.

A full suite of modernized regulations will be drafted by the end of 2017 and implemented in 2018.

Link: Canadian Transportation Agency

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