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Customs duties eliminated on certain manufacturing inputs

July 8, 2016

Following specific industry requests for tariff relief, the Government of Canada announced the elimination of the Most-Favoured-Nation (MFN) rate of customs duty on several products used in manufacturing.

The Department of Finance published Order in Council P.C. 2016-465 in the Canada Gazette. The Order eliminates the customs duty on the following products used in manufacturing:

  • Handles for brushes, brooms and mops (tariff item 4417.00.10);

  • Embossed aluminum cans for use in the packaging of beverages (tariff item 7612.90.91);

  • Metal heads used in the manufacture or production of various garden and household hand tools (tariff items 8201.10.10, 8201.90.91, 8201.30.10, 8201.40.10, 8205.20.10, 8205.59.10);

  • Electric accumulators used as a primary source of electric power for electric motorcycles (tariff item 8507.60.20); and

  • Unfinished spectacle lenses (tariff items 9001.40.40, 9001.50.40).

The Order also clarifies the wording of a tariff item (8507.20.10) concerning certain lead-acid batteries used in the production of smoke, fire or gas detection and alarm systems, including power supply panels and modules.

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