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China delays stricter rules on canola imports from Canada

September 2, 2016

China agreed on August 31 to delay introducing stricter rules to control blackleg on shipments of canola from Canada. The stricter measures limiting the amount of foreign matter allowed in shipments to no more than 1 percent from 2.5 percent, were to come in effect on September 1st.

The governments of Canada and China agreed to continue discussions on a permanent science-based solution to Chinese concerns about blackleg.

Exports of Canadian canola seed to China became subject to import restrictions related to the detection, in the fall of 2009, of the blackleg fungal pathogen.

Because of China's concerns, Canadian canola can only be exported to certain authorized crushing facilities, in areas where Chinese rapeseed is not grown, and only as long as Chinese authorities renew their temporary agreement.

Export conditions to China will remain unchanged for now as Canadian and Chinese officials will work to find a permanent solution.

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