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Air cargo security screening program set to begin on October 17

September 19, 2016

As published on our website in March of this year, changes to Transport Canada requirements taking effect on October 17, 2016 will allow for air cargo to be screened and made secure as early as the time it is packed, and up until the time it is tendered to an air carrier.

As of October 17, 2016, the "Registered Shipper" category will no longer exist in Canada. It is advised that any companies currently participating under the "Registered Shipper" category submit an application to become a "Known Consignor". In March we advised that applications should be submitted before the end of that month. Delays to process applications at Transport Canada can take months.

Transport Canada's Air Cargo Security Program is meant to ensure supply chain security while reducing cargo screening bottlenecks at airports. The program was designed to allow authorized participants to screen cargo (to make it secure) at a number of points within the secure supply chain

Authorized participants are to ensure, through regulatory requirements, that once air cargo is screened and made secure, it remains secure and free from tampering and unauthorized access while moving through the secure supply chain.

If a business wants to be involved in screening, storing, transporting, tendering and / or accepting secure air cargo, it can apply to participate in Transport Canada's Air Cargo Security Program.

To participate, a business must complete a comprehensive application and vetting process and meet ongoing oversight and inspection requirements once accepted into the Program.

Participation in the Air Cargo Security Program is voluntary. Based on the nature of the goods being transported by air, as well as overall business needs, companies can choose where cargo is best screened and made secure.

Link: Air Cargo Security (ACS) Program

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