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Trade restrictions within G20 countries remain high despite a slight slowdown

November 10, 2016

According to the World Trade Organization's (WTO) sixteenth trade monitoring report on G20 trade measures published today, the number of trade-restrictive measures applied by G20 economies remains high, despite a slight decline against the previous period.

In the period under review (mid-May to mid-October 2016) a total of 85 new trade-restrictive measures were implemented by G20 economies, for an average of 17 new measures per month, down from 21 per month imposed in the previous reporting period.

The initiation of trade remedy investigations (anti-dumping, etc.) remained the most frequently applied measure by far, representing 72% of trade-restrictive measures and above the average share observed since 2009. The G20 economies initiated far more trade remedy actions (61) than were terminated (36) during the latest reporting period. Metal products (in particular steel), chemicals, and plastics and rubber account for the largest shares of anti-dumping and countervailing initiations during the review period.

During the review period, G20 economies also applied 66 measures aimed at facilitating trade. At just over 13 new trade-facilitating measures per month, this represents a slight decrease over the previous report and remains below the 2009-2015 overall average trend. Trade-facilitating measures recorded by this report include the very first measures implemented in the context of the expanded Information Technology Agreement.

Commenting on the report, Director-General Roberto Azevêdo said: "The continued introduction of trade-restrictive measures is a real and persistent concern. Tangible evidence of G20 progress in eliminating existing measures remains elusive. One step will be for G20 members to deliver on their commitment to refrain from imposing new trade-restrictive measures and roll back existing ones."

The G20 economies are Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Republic of Korea, Japan, Mexico, the Russian Federation, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Turkey, the United Kingdom, United States, as well as the European Union.

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