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CBSA network issues cause message delays

May 31, 2017

Dear Valued Client,
CBSA delays in processing all EDI and Portal messages
We want to bring to your attention that Canada Border Services Agency has been experiencing an increase in network issues over the past few months. There have been several messages sent each month communicating to the brokerage community that there is a delay in sending outbound messages such as acknowledgements, reject messages and notices. For example, RNS, Completeness Notices through EDI and Portal. 
There were ten of these CBSA system notices in March, ten in April and twelve in May.  Each network disruption lasted one to four hours in duration. CBSA’s inability to send outbound messages such as release acknowledgements, reject messages and notices has had a negative impact on your drivers.
During these outages Livingston’s Driver Contact Center is not receiving release status information and as a result, drivers are forced to go into the CBSA office at the border crossing to manually submit paperwork to confirm if their shipment has been released by Customs.
Livingston has been actively engaged with the Executive Vice President, CBSA expressing our concerns which impacts the entire trade community and will continue to escalate to the executive of CBSA until we reach steady state with no disruptions.
The Affiliated / Livingston Team

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